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December 19, 2010

Satan VS Santa

Santa Claus is an embodiment for Satan.  Have you noticed he is all about Desires?  Give up the desires of the flesh and repent of your sins!  Ha, ha, not really … I got that off a religious website.  What are these dudes smokin’?

Santa is not Satan – in fact, he’s the anti-Satan.  I know, because I saw this movie on TV once, Santa Claus, and it was made in Mexico.   Lucifer was pissed at Santa for some reason so he sent his emissary, Pitch … look at the clip below, that’s Pitch doing an interpretive Evil ballet.  He and those other devils dancing around, they look kind of … ah, flaming.  There were no masked wrestlers around to foil Lucifer’s Evil plan, so Santa had to do it.



Satan Claus!!!

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Every Christmas for the last few years, the media has reported that some group claim that Santa Claus is really Satan . This year it is a Christian group called Assemblies of God who are based in Yorkshire, England :

Did you know Santa is an anagram of Santa ?

Christmas is not in the Bible . Nowhere does it say December 25 was the birthday of Jesus and most of the stuff we associate with the festive season has almost nothing to do with Christianity .


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