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February 26, 2011

What’s New With WordPress 3.1?

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WordPress released a major update Tuesday night bringing their version to 3.1, a huge leap from the previous 3.0.5 version released a week earlier. The 3.1 version has been named “Reinhardt”, in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

The changes are mostly unnoticeable to the regular user, but there were some fairly large changes for super users and developers. Below we have outlined some of the changes.


Admin Bar

The admin bar is displayed across the top of your public facing site if you are logged in to your site’s admin (only you see this). For multisite installs, the admin bar shows on the public site and admin site as well. It has a few essential menu options:

  • Edit Profile
  • Dashboard
  • Log Out
  • Add New Post
  • Add New Page
  • Comments
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • A search bar

Internal Linking

Wordpress 3.1 Internal Linking

When creating links within a page or post you will now have a couple additional options. The first is the ability to search through your site’s current posts. The second is a list of current posts listed in reverse-chronological order. This should be a useful tool if you find yourself constant linking to other posts for pertinent information.

Streamlined Writing Interface

You will notice that the screen for writing posts and pages is much less cluttered than before, as a lot of the additional windows have been hidden by default. These additional sections/options can be displayed again by opening Screen Options in the top right corner and reelecting them.

For the complete list of the updates, visit the WordPress Codex.


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