Number of 666

December 25, 2010

Fruits Basket OST


1. For Fruits Basket (On Air Version)     Â
2. Memory-For-You    Â
3. Secret    Â
4. Solitude    Â
5. Both Styles    Â
6. I’m ‘Drummer’    Â
7. Memory-In Daily Life-    Â
8. On The Stage    Â
9. I’m ‘Chin-Don-Ya’    Â
10. Going My Own Way    Â
11. I’m ‘Fairy’    Â
12. Psycho-Doctor    Â
13. Mysterious Family    Â
14. Memory-At Home-
15. Theme For The Landlady
16. Theme For The Landlady (So Hard)    Â
17. I’m ‘Hardworking Fellow’    Â
18. Black-And-White (Normal)
19. Black-And-White (Hard)
20. Teru-Teru-Momiji    Â
21. Mogeta’s Song (Instrumental Version)
22. Memory-On Vacation-    Â
23. A Hot Blooded Man    Â
24. So Gorgeous!    Â
25. Forward-Looking Attitude    Â
26. Reason OF Quibble
27. ‘Fruits Basket’ In Waltz
28. A Small Prayer (On Air Version)




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