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December 19, 2010

Satan Claus!!!

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Every Christmas for the last few years, the media has reported that some group claim that Santa Claus is really Satan . This year it is a Christian group called Assemblies of God who are based in Yorkshire, England :

Did you know Santa is an anagram of Santa ?

Christmas is not in the Bible . Nowhere does it say December 25 was the birthday of Jesus and most of the stuff we associate with the festive season has almost nothing to do with Christianity .

I do not want to appear Scrooge like but the Assemblies of God are correct to a certain extent . Christmas has almost nothing to do with the birth of Jesus and is actually a pagan, for want of a better word, festival . It celebrates the death of the Sun at the Winter Solstice on 21st December and its rebirth on the 25th December .

With the limited knowledge our ancestors had how the Universe worked, this makes perfect sense and a good excuse to party . It also raises the question whether Jesus is symbolic of the Son of God or the Sun God ?  What is Pope Benedict really worshipping in the image below ?



In my opinion, and others, Santa Claus is representative of the planet Saturn . Continuing the pagan theme, Saturn was the furthest planet known to ancient man and it would be reasonable for Saturn to become predominant at the time when the Sun dies, and our Santa is an inherited version of the original .

The god Saturn has also been compared to Satan, as the planet would have been the coldest and darkest place known to ancient humans . Interestingly the date for the Winter Solstice this year will be 21/12/2010 which in numerological terms will be 333, which could be seen as half  666 . Maybe, the Assemblies of God are right .

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